ProLens is a manufacturer of optical frames since the 70’s .  Due to the high demand for optical laboratory service, we established an optical lab servicing for all eye care professionals worldwide.


Unlike other optical frame producers and labs, Prolens is a professional eyeglasses and lens producer.  We create eyewear that can guarantee the comfort with crisp vision lenses to the consumers.

About ProLens

Superior Products

ProLens offers a wide range of prescription lenses to meet with all different types of eyeglasses.  Our new photochromic  SunReactor PLUS can darken the lenses as fast as Transitions lenses and return to their clear state much faster. Unlike other photochromic lenses, SunReactor PLUS can filter harmful blue light and reduce eyestrain.  


Prolens custom polarized LITE Clip On is our specialty which can fit almost every frame in the market. Our magnet clip-on is designed for acetate frame that allows wearer to adapt onto their glasses much easier than any other clip-on available in the market.

Services and Reliability 

Our 10+10 program offers to all eyecare professionals is a revolutionary idea that no other labs can offer.  As long as you own an optical shop or if you are an eyewear professional and have a physcial location to dispense products, you are entitled to receive this offer.  No matter which services or offers you are choosing from ProLens, our reliable service can promise you to finish your lens edging and surfacing at affordable price.